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HR Net is an enterprise-level human resource management system that has been designed from the outset to be highly flexible in supporting changing policies, rules, and regulations.

In HR Net , the rules and regulation are not implemented in program code as is normally done in other HRMS’s. Rather, rule and regulations are entered as business rules (data) that could be changed by authorized users without code modifications ( in most situations). These changes do not require the entire user acceptance tests. Only the new business rules need to be tested. Most changes and testing can usually be done by one or two HR/IT personnel in only a few days as expected by high level executives, not months.

The MIS (Management Information System) subsystem of HRNet provides internet based human resource information supporting the decision making of high-level executives. The user interfaces for this subsystem are designed with executive users in mind; they are user - friendly as well as flexible so that the executives can view the information from different angles without being overwhelmed by the features

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