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System information (Ph.D.Supoj Sutanthavibul))

  • PromptPay systems for a Thai Bank (PromptPay is an integrated set of national electronic financial transaction service using citizen identity number and/or mobile phone numbers initiated by the Thai government in 2015)
  • Project Risk Assessment (web-based) system for the Bureau of Budgeting, the Office of the Prime Minister
  • DLT Check in (Android & IOS).
  • Web Service gateway transaction between CIMB Thai and TRUE MONEY.
  • Internet banking system for CIMB Thai serving SME to enterprise-level customers.
  • Depositor reimbursement processing system for the Deposit Protection Agency
  • Human Resource Management System for the Government Housing Bank.
  • Business Intelligent tool for National Housing Authority .
  • Business intelligent tool for the Secretariat office, Ministry of Commerce.
  • National Institute of Development Administration, Bangkok, Thailand [ Develop a program for analyzing multiple-choice examination questions to evaluate the difficulty and discriminating power of each test question.  This program is being used in the analysis of entrance examination paper ]
  • Labour Ministry [ development of the web site for matching employers and job applicants ]
  • Social Security Office [development of MIS prototype ]
  •  IT Master Plan for  the Department of Science Service, Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Royal Thai Navy based on HP test equipment and computer [Developer of a system that automates the quality assurance processes of communication equipment ]
  • Develop a graph editor in C on Sun Window system in 1989.  This program allows user to construct graphs (network) using a set icons (template) that represents abstract systems, e.g. a real time application similar to Visio.  The set of icons can be added or replaced by the users.
  • Develop automatic theorem provers in LISP and Prolog language on a BSD UNIX system.
  • Project leader, architect, database designer, system analyst, and user interface designer in the development of a 3-tier international human resource management system using UML (Unified Modeling Language), Visual Basic 6, ADO, and MS SQL Server.
  • Project leader, architect, system analyst, database designer, and user interface designer in the development of a 3-tier university student registry system using UML, Visual Basic 6, ADO, and MS SQL Server.
  • Author of XFig, an open source WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) drawing program on Sun Window system in C language and the accompanied filter programs that translate drawings into other languages such as Postscript. It is now a part of X Windows release.


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